1: Boost productivity and reduce stress with these essential yoga poses catered for working women.

2: 1. Mountain Pose – Find strength, stability, and confidence in this standing posture.

3: 2. Seated Forward Bend – Relieve tension in the spine and stretch hamstrings to ease long hours of sitting.

4: 3. Cat-Cow Stretch – Release tension in the neck, shoulders, and back, promoting flexibility and relaxation.

5: 4. Warrior II – Strengthen your legs and focus on balance to unleash inner power and determination.

6: 5. Chair Pose – Tone your thighs and energize your body as you engage your core and build endurance.

7: 6. Tree Pose – Improve concentration, balance, and stability while lengthening the spine and boosting confidence.

8: 7. Downward Facing Dog – Relieves fatigue, rejuvenates the body, and calms the mind for enhanced productivity.

9: 8. Savasana – Essential for relaxation and stress relief, allowing the body and mind to recharge completely. Remember, practice these yoga poses regularly to enhance overall well-being and maintain harmony in your busy work-life schedule.