1: 1. Ditch Ornate Bathroom Décor. Opt for modern minimalism that creates a relaxing ambiance.

2: 2. Say No to Overloading Bookcases. Embrace the beauty of open shelving for a sleek and organized look.

3: 3. Avoid Oversized Furniture. Choose pieces that fit the scale of your space for a harmonious and functional design.

4: 4. Skip Excessive Accent Walls. Opt for a cohesive color palette that enhances the overall aesthetic of your home.

5: 5. Don't Overdo Industrial Elements. Incorporate subtle industrial touches for a trendy and balanced atmosphere.

6: 6. Steer Clear of Overused Patterns. Embrace unique textures and prints to add character to your home.

7: 7. Avoid Cluttered Gallery Walls. Curate a thoughtfully arranged gallery that showcases your favorite pieces.

8: 8. Say Goodbye to Matchy-Matchy Furniture Sets. Mix and match pieces for an eclectic and personalized style.

9: 9. Skip Neon Accent Lighting. Invest in warm and inviting lighting options to create a cozy atmosphere.