1: Stay active during pregnancy with safe prenatal yoga poses. Enjoy gentle stretches and movements that support a healthy and happy journey for you and your baby.

2: Soothe pregnancy discomfort with the Cat-Cow pose. This gentle stretch helps alleviate back pain and promotes flexibility, making you feel more relaxed throughout your journey.

3: Release tension and strengthen your pelvic muscles with the Squat pose. This beneficial prenatal yoga pose aids in preparing your body for labor and promotes a healthy birth.

4: Relieve stress and improve blood circulation with the Legs-Up-the-Wall pose. Using this restorative prenatal yoga pose regularly can help reduce swelling and create a calming sensation.

5: Enhance your balance and stability with the Tree pose. This prenatal yoga posture helps strengthen your legs and core, promoting better posture and stability throughout your pregnancy.

6: Ease lower back pain and stretch your hips with the Pigeon pose. This gentle prenatal yoga posture releases tension and promotes flexibility, helping you stay comfortable during pregnancy.

7: Boost digestion and reduce bloating with the Seated Forward Bend pose. This soothing prenatal yoga posture stimulates your abdominal organs, aiding digestion and promoting a healthy gut.

8: Reduce anxiety and promote relaxation with the Child's pose. This restful prenatal yoga posture creates a safe space for you to connect with your breath and find inner peace.

9: Finish your prenatal yoga practice with the Corpse pose. This final relaxation posture helps ease tension, reduce fatigue, and improves overall well-being for a healthy and happy pregnancy.