1: 1. Mountain Pose: Align your body, breathe in gratitude, and stand tall, feeling your inner power ignite.

2: 2. Warrior II Pose: Embrace confidence as you extend your arms wide, grounding through your legs, and visualizing your invincible self.

3: 3. Plank Pose: Activate your core, strengthen your arms, and ignite the fire within, revealing your invincible spirit.

4: 4. Cobra Pose: Arch your back and rise, uplifting your heart to liberate any doubts and embrace your invincible essence.

5: 5. Tree Pose: Find balance, root down, and reach for the sky, embodying the unwavering strength within your soul.

6: 6. Bridge Pose: Open your heart as you lift your hips, awakening your invincible potential and connecting with your inner resilience.

7: 7. Warrior III Pose: Embrace grace and focus as you balance on one leg, spreading your wings and soaring with an invincible spirit.

8: 8. Child's Pose: Surrender and find solace in this gentle resting position, allowing your invincible spirit to replenish and rejuvenate.

9: 9. Corpse Pose: Release tension and surrender fully, uncovering profound peace, and connecting with the immortal energy that lies within. Embrace the empowering journey of Glo Yoga poses, as they unlock your inner strength and reveal the invincible being you truly are. Begin your transformation today.