1: "Begin your pregnancy journey with safe and gentle yoga poses. Strengthen your body, calm your mind, and support your baby's growth."

2: "In the first trimester, try modified cat-cow pose and butterfly pose to relieve early pregnancy discomfort. Listen to your body and stay flexible."

3: "Nourish your body during the second trimester with standing forward fold and gentle warrior pose. These poses improve circulation and boost energy levels."

4: "As your belly grows, practice hip openers like supported squat and pigeon pose. These poses help alleviate lower back pain during the third trimester."

5: "Gentle stretching is vital for a healthy pregnancy. Incorporate gentle neck stretches and side bends into your routine to release tension."

6: "Keep your spine strong and balanced with seated twists and modified boat pose. These poses promote good posture and ease the strain on your back."

7: "Breathe deeply and practice relaxation poses like legs up the wall and supported child's pose. These poses calm your nervous system and induce relaxation."

8: "Maintain pelvic stability with pelvic tilts and tailor sitting pose. These exercises strengthen your pelvic floor, essential for labor and postpartum recovery."

9: "As your due date approaches, enhance flexibility and hip mobility with goddess pose and gentle supine twists. Ease discomfort and prepare for childbirth." (Note: The content provided is purely fictional and should not be considered as professional advice. For accurate information on pregnancy yoga poses, consult a certified prenatal yoga instructor or healthcare professional.)