1: 1. Sun Salutation: Energize your body with this sequence of Yoga poses to aid weight loss and reduce obesity.

2: 2. Bridge Pose: Strengthen your core and lower body while toning the muscles, effectively supporting weight loss efforts.

3: 3. Plank Pose: Engage your entire body, burning calories and shedding unwanted pounds by incorporating this powerful asana.

4: 4. Boat Pose: Challenge your abs, improve digestion, and boost metabolism with this Yoga posture known for its weight-reducing benefits.

5: 5. Camel Pose: Stretch your front body and stimulate the thyroid gland, enhancing metabolism and promoting weight loss.

6: 6. Warrior II Pose: Sculpt and shape your lower body while igniting fat-burning potential, all while strengthening the core.

7: 7. Triangle Pose: Increase flexibility, stimulate digestion, and aid weight loss efforts through this effective Yoga asana.

8: 8. Bow Pose: Stimulate the abdominal organs, improve digestion, and reduce belly fat with this powerful yoga posture.

9: 9. Chair Pose: Strengthen the lower body, burn calories, and work towards reducing obesity by adding this dynamic asana to your routine.